Writing in the Fringes

By Kathrese McKee | Word Marker Tips


Self-talk is powerful, both for good and for bad. Self-talk is clinically proven to be a factor in creating and sustaining depression. If you notice negative thoughts, stop and counter them immediately.

When you hear the negative self-talk, tell yourself, “I write in the fringes of my busy life.” Notice that you state it as if it is a fact. Internalize it as your new truth and take action to make it true. Click the link for more tips about

Writing in the Fringes

Don’t tell yourself that you need to be at your desk to write. Untether yourself from your computer so that you have no excuse for not writing.

Keep a small spiral in your purse or backpack, and the moment you have dead time, whip it out and write a few sentences. As soon as “real life” resumes, put the spiral back in its place. Be weird enough to write in unlikely places and at unlikely times. Break social norms, if necessary.

The act of writing with pen and paper triggers creativity, so think of your paper copy as your rough draft. Besides, nothing feels as good as speedily typing in 250 words that are already “done.” It feels like you’re cheating, and then momentum can take over while you are still at the keyboard.

Put down your smart phone. In fact, put Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter in the most inconvenient place on your phone, or remove them entirely.

Also, it is perfectly legitimate to carve out “me time” for your mental health. Caregivers must care for themselves first. Schedule a meeting with yourself at Panera Bread or Starbucks (away from kids and laundry) and go write for half an hour twice a week. J. K. Rowling is living proof that this method works.

P.S. – Ask for a mug at Panera and refill it as much as you want with coffee or hot tea for about $2.50.


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