WME 005 – Word Marker Tips for Authors

By Kathrese McKee | Word Marker Tips

Word Marker Tips for Authors

In this issue, we will discuss floating body parts, details of Amazons's KDP Print-On-Demand service, and look at the After the Deadline app.

Tip #1 (Writing Craft) - Avoid floating body parts in your writing. It’s harder than you think! (Part 3 in the “Out of Body, Out of Mind” series.)

Did I say there are no absolute rules in writing? If not, let me do it now. There are no absolute rules in writing.

Enter the great debate over floating body parts (FBPs)—those pesky parts acting of their own volition or doing physically impossible feats. Taken literally, these phrases can be comical.

I read this line in a romance novel by a NYT best-selling author (who shall remain unnamed): “Her eyes ate him up.” Call the forensics team! We’ve got a cannibal at the Smith’s place.

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Tip #2 (Indie authors) - Learn the details you need to know about Amazon’s new KDP Print-On-Demand (POD) services.

At-cost author copies and proof copies are not available through Amazon KDP Print yet. This is a no-go as far as I am concerned. I’m sure that Amazon will address this problem eventually.

For more details and information, read “Should Authors Move From Createspace to KDP Paperback? A First Look” by John Doppler for Self Publishing Advice Center. 

Tip #3 (Self-editing) - Try After the Deadline for your self-editing work.

As promised last week, here’s another tool I recommend for self-editing. It even works for Facebook posts!

See After the Deadline at Choose the “Demonstration” tab and paste your passage into the box. Click the “Check Writing” button. Then click each color-coded, underlined word or phrase to see suggestions.

It’s also available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox and can be used with OfficeLibre. I installed it on Chrome, and now, when I get ready to post on Facebook, a little symbol appears to tell me After the Deadline is available.

For other self-editing tool suggestions, see Amanda Shofner’s post on The Write Life entitled, “6 Automatic Editing Tools That Will Make Your Writing Super Clean.” 

Second chance question: “What are your favorite opening lines? Give the line, the title, and the author in the comments."


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Award-winning author, Kathrese McKee, writes Young Adult Fantasy and helps others bring their fiction to life through editing and mentoring.

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