Nevermore: The Power of Words

By Kathrese McKee | Craft

Words have power. So much power. Words hurt, heal, bolster the ego, or kill the spirit. Be careful, my dear ones, to use them for good and nevermore for evil.

Fair warning. Today, I will share a few words about my faith; however, I do so in the hopes that you will examine your own reasons for writing. You need to know your why. When you get discouraged, knowing your inner motivation will help you overcome hesitation and inaction.

Warehouse 13

I was reminded of this when I watched Episode 11 of Warehouse 13, entitled “Nevermore.” You guessed it — the supernatural objects the team were hunting once belonged to Edgar Allen Poe. The famous horror author’s notebook and pen had gotten separated and couldn’t be properly contained unless they were reunited.

Frustrated Author

Myka and Pete, the two Warehouse 13 agents, visit her parents’ home during the investigation. I loved finding out that Myka’s father was a frustrated writer who had revised his beloved first book twelve times. (Sounds like me, sort of.)

But after the twelfth revision, her father gave up and asked his wife to burn the manuscript. Being a loving spouse, she hid the manuscript instead, and his writing winds up…

Ah! That would be a spoiler.

Anyway, Poe’s pen falls into the hands of a college student who has some scores to settle. Every time he uses the pen, a Poe-inspired event occurs, like a wall that opens up and swallows its victim without a burp. Good stuff! Pete and Myka track the student down, and that’s when the student says, “Words have power, but this isn’t fiction. It’s real.”

Two Beliefs that Inform My Books

Words are real. They hurt more than sticks and stones, and the pain they inflict can last a lifetime. On the flip side, words can save lives too.

I write, not because I’m such a great author, but because I want to use words for good and not for evil.

I don’t consider myself to be a writer of Christian fiction, but rather as a Christian who writes speculative fiction. Hopefully, my novels will shed light on eternal truths and cause my readers to consider the reasons they need God.

Fiction Is a Curious Medium

Fiction is a curious medium, where make-believe worlds and people seem to come alive. Fiction is also a means by which we can dissect our world and uncover our beliefs.

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About the Author

Award-winning author, Kathrese McKee, writes Young Adult Fantasy and helps others bring their fiction to life through editing and mentoring.