Is Writing Difficult for You?

By Kathrese McKee | First-time Author

Writing Fiction

Is Writing Difficult for You? You May Be a Fiction Writer.

Writing fiction is not only for those who sailed through Language Arts class in school. The craft of writing is for those who think deeply about life, who wrestle with its meaning, and who fight for the words to communicate their findings through story.

 Is writing difficult for you? You may be a writer. #amwriting

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Overcoming a Writing Disability

My eldest daughter is a case in point. At eighteen months, Sarah knew her alphabet. She was able to point to the letters and name them. But by second grade, she was falling behind in school.

At our own expense, my husband and I took her to an educational specialist​. The doctor diagnosed her as having two difficulties: Irlen Syndrome, also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, and dysgraphia. The color overlays for the scotopic sensitivity gave Sarah some relief during reading. But the dysgraphia is a learning disability in which writing ability is impaired. It continued to be a roadblock to her academic success.  

Shortly after her diagnosis, our family embarked on our home school odyssey. We gave her the ultimate individual education plan. I'm thrilled to report, twenty years later, that we did the right thing. But I'm telling that story to make a point. My daughter turned out to be a writer in spite of—or maybe because of—her struggle with her learning differences.​ She wrote scads of poems as a teenager and fell in love with writing science fiction.

Academic Success Does Not Equal Writing Success

​Academic success is not a good means for predicting creative writing success. Don't let your academic record stop you from writing the stories on your heart. If you feel compelled to write, then write. Strive. Learn. Get support from other writers. And write!

What is the most difficult part of writing for you?​ Please leave your comments below.

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"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people." --Thomas Mann

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About the Author

Award-winning author, Kathrese McKee, writes Young Adult Fantasy and helps others bring their fiction to life through editing and mentoring.