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Using Draft2Digital, My Experience

By Kathrese McKee | New Author

Last week was the soft launch of my prequel novelette, Pirate’s Wager, and it was my first experience using Draft2Digital’s free e-book formatting tool. As with any new tool, I went down a few dead ends, but in the end, I received a beautiful e-book  from Draft2Digital (D2D) that looks appropriate for my genre—fantasy for […]

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Write a Good Hook for Your Story

By Kathrese McKee | Craft

Write a Good Hook for Your StoryFew things are as important to novelists as the opening line of their books. Few things are as frustrating. Today, we will take a look at how to write a good hook for your story. How many books have you rejected because the first few lines failed to capture your […]

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Start Writing, No Matter What

By Kathrese McKee | Inspiration

You have to turn on the faucet to get the water to flow. Writing is the same. You have to start writing to get the words onto the page. Thinking about writing is not writing. Daydreaming is not writing. Watching television, movies, or Periscope posts is not writing. Only putting words on a page through […]

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