Word Marker Edits

You've written a book, but there's a long road between first draft and final destination.
Let's prepare your story for the journey ahead.

"Kathrese blew me away with an almost superhuman attention to detail for everything from grammar to quietly lurking formatting issues. I never want to release a title she hasn't had her eyes on." --Nancy Kimball, author of Chasing the Lion

Basic Services at a Glance

Self-editing Support

Many writers feel lost when it comes to self-editing. Feel free to send me your questions and make use of the Resources page.

Substantive Editing

Your story is still under development or you just finished the first draft. Get a deep analysis of critical elements.

Manuscript Evaluation

Get a detailed assessment of your needs and a recommended plan of action. For most authors, this is a great entry point.

Line Editing

Line editing improves readability and rhythm to make your manuscript sparkle. This service does not include a copy edit.


The copy edit is about correcting the PUGS: punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling, This service comes immediately before the formatting step.


The last step that no author (not even editors who are authors) can live without. This is the last step before publication.

(For more detailed information, please see the Services page.)

Master Deep Point of View

What is deep point of view (POV) and how can you achieve it in your writing?

How can you identify shallow POV and when is it the right choice?

All of this plus a handy checklist for easy reference.

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