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Kathrese McKee, Owner

Kathrese McKee, Owner

You've written a book, but there's a long road between first draft and final destination.
Let's prepare your story for the journey ahead.

"Kathrese blew me away with an almost superhuman attention to detail for everything from grammar to quietly lurking formatting issues. I never want to release a title she hasn't had her eyes on."
--Nancy Kimball, Chasing the Lion

Get the tools for the job.

Whether you are an indie author or pursuing a traditional contract, you need the tools to do the work.

You can spend years collecting the information you need, or you can simply join my subscribers and receive a PDF of 100+ hand-selected resources.

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On your road to writing success, pay attention to directions!

The problem is that the directions are always changing. The rules change at Amazon all the time. New players enter the marketplace, and you wonder if that’s good or bad news.

 Unfortunately, you have to stay on your toes to avoid scams and costly mistakes. You have to keep your eyes on the road ahead to know when disruptions are coming; detours, speed traps, warning signs, and road construction are everywhere.

Fortunately, there are resources you can use to keep up with changes in the publishing landscape and to fix things when problems arise. Get your Writer's Toolbox Resource list below.